Mercado Libre

In a context of accelerated growth, Mercado Libre began the transformation of its Marketing area impacting all its dimensions: technology, people, processes, organization and flow of information. To carry this out, all marketing activities were structured under a single team that supports all of the company’s businesses.

A holistic and agnostic vision that brings clarity and speed of execution

In 2018, Mercado Libre began the transformation of its Marketing area, where all marketing activities were structured under a single team that supports all the company’s businesses.

To accompany this transformation, Together was summoned to support its implementation. For this reason, a Marketing PMO (Portfolio Management Office) was created, with the objectives of having a holistic and agnostic vision between business units, countries and functional teams, being able to monitor end-to-end initiatives, work in prioritizing and managing capabilities, and generating feedback and continuous improvement from the PMO to the teams.

Additionally, the Chief of Staff position was created to support and achieve the execution of the Head of Marketing definitions.

Finally, the role of Head of Martech was established to integrate and manage Marketing and IT needs / services / tools.

The strategy for this service was based on the creation and operation of an agile management office, which works on pilots that allow us to find quick wins, and at the same time scale in the use of methodologies and tools.

Being able to achieve the objectives set and reach the complete Marketing team, at the same time that we generated the least possible disruption without causing additional administrative burden.

An organizational model was developed to support the transformation process of the Marketing area, which would allow a better understanding, planning, prioritization and scaling of the tasks of the entire team in a cross way, their interactions, their execution times, what capacities they require, its alignment to objectives and its integration.

  • Transparency and clarity of priorities
  • Predictability and generation of early warnings
  • Distribution of resources according to priorities and clear focus
  • Speed to Market
  • Integration with other areas

Mercado Libre Testimony

Roberto Moldes
Director Insights, Analytics & MarTech –​
Corporate Marketing at Mercado Libre​


“Beyond the industry, each company is different, they have a different culture, different teams, different processes and it is super important to be able to show that they can adapt to the needs of the company. Many times there are consultancies that come with a defined process, a closed box and that generates noise or a lot of complexity to really be able to adapt to our needs and our culture. The first thing that was super positive about Together was the way they generated the proposal and also how they approached the work. The second is that they join our work teams and can feel our needs and pains. They focus on the “buy in” so that our people can open up and tell you about the problems without feeling that they are external consultants and that way they can implement all the proposals. “